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Ohio Sportsbook Promos

This guide looks at the different types of bonuses offered with Ohio sportsbook promos and what you should pay attention to when considering them. Understanding how you claim an Ohio sports betting bonus is important, as well as the best places to find valuable promos in Buckeye State.

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Best Ohio sportsbook promo offers 2024

Betfred Ohio Sportsbook Promos Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now
DraftKings Ohio Sportsbook Promos DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets
  • Same game parlay boosts
  • Multiple in-game bonuses
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Caesars Sportsbook Ohio Sportsbook Promos Caesars Sportsbook Up to $1,250 bonus Bet now Caesars bonus Ohio
SuperBook Ohio Sportsbook Promos SuperBook Sportsbook Get up to a $250 bonus Bet now
bet365 Ohio Sportsbook Promos bet365 Sportsbook Bet $1 Get $365 in bonus Bet now
BetRivers Ohio Sportsbook Promos BetRivers Sportsbook Get up to $500 in bonus
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
Bet now BetRivers promo code OH
Betway Ohio Sportsbook Promos Betway Sportsbook First Bet Reset $250 In Bonus Bets Bet Now
BetMGM Ohio Sportsbook Promos BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
  • Free live streams
  • Early Cashout feature
Bet now BetMGM Ohio bonus
PointsBet Ohio Sportsbook Promos PointsBet Sportsbook Five Second Chance Bets Up To $100 Each Bet now PointsBet Ohio review
FanDuel Ohio Sportsbook Promos FanDuel Sportsbook Bet $5 get $200 in bonus bets Bet now FanDuel Ohio review

Ohio sportsbook promo options

Betting with Ohio sportsbook promos is like icing on the cake. If that doesn’t resonate, you can consider them a world record made on top of a winning game. They are not necessarily the best part, but they make the entire experience much more savory.

An Ohio sports betting bonus goes above and beyond its call, and you definitely prefer one with bonuses over an identical sportsbook without. Keep reading to learn the different types of bonuses you find at most sportsbooks, including what makes some stand out from the rest.

Whether you are a new customer or a loyal site patron, understanding how to claim and keep these bonuses helps you hold on to those extra funds. If you do not already have a sportsbook you are working with or are on the lookout for something new, we have also tagged on the best sportsbook promos in Ohio.

Ohio sports betting bonus types


When it comes to Ohio sports betting bonus offers, you can expect any one of these basic types to show up at your sportsbook:

  • Insurance bets
  • Bet credits
  • Matched deposits
  • Reduced juice bets

While they all sweeten your experience, each bonus has its own way of functioning.


If you are new to sports betting in Ohio and on the lookout for a sports betting bonus you have probably seen the words “insurance bet” plastered all over sportsbook ads in an attempt to coax you to the website. You might be surprised to discover that this is perfectly normal, and those promises of hundreds of dollars to bet insurance are partially true.

We say partially because there are a few conditions you might not expect. Insurance bets do require you to use your own funds to place the bet in the first place, so you are not getting free money to bet with from the sportsbook.

The only time you see any compensation from the sportsbook is if you lose the bet. In this case, the sportsbook will provide a rebate that you can continue to use to bet with on the site.

If you win? You keep your winnings with no rollover requirement, and you continue on that much richer. The name is not entirely misleading because you do not lose the money you bet. In fact, the largest loss you have here is your access to those funds, and once you complete the rollover requirement. You are free to withdraw them with the banking option of your choice.

Bet credit

Bet credits, on the other hand, are just that. Ohio sportsbooks provide a specific amount of credit for you to use to bet with on the account, and not a cent of your own funds are used (unless you go over that amount).

These are not nearly as common as other Ohio betting bonuses, but you might see them as smaller welcome bonuses or rewards for referrals and loyalty programs.

These can come as no-deposit bonuses, but most sportsbooks that offer bet credits may still require you to deposit to unlock the bonus. This is fine, but a true bet credit will not make you touch these funds.

Matched deposit

Matched deposits are another popular form of welcome bonuses. They match a certain percentage of what you deposit, usually around 20 percent, up to a certain amount.

Some sportsbooks will offer a dollar-for-dollar deposit match by offering 100% on whatever you deposit, but these may also have lower thresholds.

Sportsbooks can also match deposits made by existing bettors, but these are usually referred to as reload matches. They might be offered to a certain group of people or have limited availability, so if you get the offer and you are prepared to make a deposit, then this can easily add to that.

Reduced juice bets

Reduced juice bets, also known as odds boosts, are lines where the sportsbook cuts down on the amount it makes off your wager. When this number is cut, then more of your money goes to winning, and if you win the bet, you can earn more.

Bets with reduced juice are more common overseas, but they are gaining popularity in the United States. Sportsbooks realize that their customers respond well to the chance to win more, and bettors enjoy boosted odds on sports or events they were going to bet on anyway.

If you find a valuable bet, make sure you still do the proper research to back up your claim. The opportunity to win more means nothing if you dive in and lose the bet.

How Ohio sports betting promos work


Not all sports betting bonuses are built the same, and when you are trying to compare numbers, it quickly becomes difficult to find the ones with better value. Keep these factors in consideration, and your task will end up so much easier.

The size and cost of the bonus

Sportsbooks and betting apps in OH are great about showing off how much money you can claim with their bonuses, but the actual cost is not as available. Therefore, when you are looking at the different bonuses offered to you by Ohio sportsbooks, you need to do some basic math to uncover the actual cost of the bonus.

If you have two deposit matches that max out at $1,000, you might assume that they have just as much value, but you need to look at the percentage they match at. If Sportsbook A matches 20% of your deposit, but Sportsbook B matches 50%.

You can hit the $1,000 maximum with less of your funds with sportsbook B. At 50% a $2,000 deposit is all that you need, but Sportsbook A will require a $5,000 deposit to unlock the total amount.

Agreeable terms

The terms attached to an Ohio sports betting bonus are also important when considering the value. If you cannot meet the terms, then there will not be a bonus for you to claim. Make sure the minimum amounts and timeframes are attainable for you.

Pay special attention to playthrough requirements. These terms keep your Ohio sports betting bonus locked until you play through the amount a specific number of times. Typically your funds are released by the dollar, so the playthrough is the ratio of the amount you need to bet to unlock a single dollar.

For example, a playthrough requirement of 15x means that you unlock $1 of your bonus for every $15 you bet. So if you have a $1,000 bonus, then you will need to bet a total of $15,000 in the specified time to unlock the entire bonus. Bonuses with smaller playthrough requirements are preferred.

Safety and reputation

An Ohio sports betting bonus means nothing if it comes from an insecure location. The easiest way to weed out bad bonuses is to stick with sportsbooks that have a reputation. The more history you can find on a sportsbook, the more you know you can trust it.

Look for sportsbooks that are licensed for operation in Ohio. These businesses are regulated by the Ohio Casino Control Commission, and they have to answer for any missteps they make when handing your funds, information, and bonuses.

If you are still unsure, look at the terms of the bonus. While we love to get free money, when a sportsbook is offering a large amount, then you can raise an eyebrow. Generosity is great, but it has little place in a business. Dig deeper if a sportsbook seems too good to be true.

How to claim OH sportsbook bonuses


There is no worse feeling than expecting an OH sports betting bonus and finding out you messed up and lost your chance. So pay attention to what a sportsbook needs from you to unlock the bonus. This is usually as simple as clicking on a specific link or keeping your activity within certain bounds, but it never hurts to triple-check.

Bonus codes and links

Most sportsbooks do not require you to input a bonus code to claim a bonus but make sure you keep track if they do. Unfortunately, once you pass up your opportunity to enter the code, you usually cannot go back and claim it. Contacting customer service might help you out, but in most cases, there is nothing that can be done.

You should also make sure you are following the correct link trail when applicable. For example, if you get an email offering you a bonus on your reload, then there is a good chance you need to use the link in the email to initiate your next deposit. A sportsbook will not always have the bonuses set to automatically engage on your account.

Terms and conditions

The easiest way to NOT claim an Ohio sports betting bonus is to disregard the terms and conditions. We know that reading the fine print is not fun, but when it could cost you $1,000, it might be worth your time.

Make sure you are meeting every limit set on the bonus, including:

  • Minimum deposits
  • Minimum and maximums on odds
  • Time constraints

The most difficult condition for most to meet is the rollover requirement linked to most sports betting bonuses. Make sure you can match this requirement in the time frame to unlock your bonus.

Ohio sportsbooks betting bonuses


The sportsbooks licensed to operate in Ohio have laid down some sizable bonuses to keep the competition sharp. Of course, bonuses are not everything, but they help. Check out the sportsbooks we recommend for Ohio sports betting and keep them in mind as you do your research.

BetMGM sports betting bonus

BetMGM is a bonus powerhouse, and the sportsbook has one of the most robust calendars out there, including:

  • Boosts on parlays
  • Contests
  • Insurance bets
  • Weekly bet credits

Your first taste of the boosts offered by BetMGM is an insurance bet up to $1,000 with the BetMGM Ohio bonus code.

DraftKings sports betting bonuses

At DraftKings, you have plenty of contest opportunities, but the initial match on your deposit is good for getting started. New bettors benefit from a 20% match that maxes out at $1,000. Anyone with $5,000 to get started can reach the full reward, but any amount will do. This bonus is available with the DraftKings Ohio promo code when signing up.

Caesars Sportsbook betting bonus

Caesars Sportsbook has one of the heftiest reputations in betting, and its acquisition of William Hill in April 2021 locked the brand in with sports betting. At this platform, you have one of the largest welcome bonuses out there. The sportsbook will cover up to $1,250 on your first bet with the Caesars Sportsbook Ohio promo code.

FanDuel bonuses for bettors

The FanDuel Ohio promo code is another great option for bettors that also enjoy fantasy sports and contests. The sportsbook swaps out its odds boosts daily and currently runs a 20% deposit match up to $500.

Ohio Sportsbook Promos FAQ

Can I claim an Ohio sports betting bonus more than once?

You can claim bonuses, in general, more than once, but in most cases, you cannot claim the same bonus multiple times without fraudulence. If you want to go after a welcome bonus more than once, then consider opening an account at another sportsbook.

Why do sportsbooks offer betting bonuses?

Sportsbooks might offer betting bonuses to get you to sign up with them, or they might want to bring attention to specific events. They will also put bonuses or campaigns on hot bets or events to get bettors to use them over the competition. You can also benefit from rewards programs with most major sportsbooks.

Can you refuse a sports betting bonus in Ohio?

You can refuse a sports betting bonus if you do not want to take on the responsibilities attached to it. For most sportsbooks, you just need to contact the customer service team to let them know you want it removed from your account before making a deposit or bet.

What is bonus abuse?

Bonus abuse is a term used to describe a situation in which a bettor uses a different identity to claim a betting bonus more than once. This is a quick and easy way to lose your ability to use sportsbooks, and you can even have criminal charges brought against you.

How old do I need to be to claim Ohio sports betting bonuses?

In Ohio, you need to be 21 to place bets with online sportsbooks. This means you need to be at least 21 years old to claim sports betting bonuses. If you are any younger, then you will not have the capability to use the site or complete the playthrough requirements in the specified timeline.