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Ohio basketball betting

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Ohio, basketball betting is live with a wide range of games. However, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider in basketball sportsbooks Ohio before finalizing one. This includes user-friendliness, Ohio basketball odds. All of these have been explained in detail later on. Keep reading to know more.

Can you bet on basketball in Ohio?


Basketball betting has finally been legalized in Ohio. Bill HB29 was passed and approved by Gov. Mike DeWine in late December 2021. It made basketball betting legal in the state.

This implies that you can bet on basketball in Ohio. However, a specific age restriction has been imposed to ensure responsible gambling. You have to be twenty-one years or above to place bets.

Top Ohio basketball sites 2024

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Top basketball sportsbooks in Ohio


After extensive research, we have listed some of the best basketball betting sites. These are sure to elevate your user experience while ensuring maximum security. Thus, you can choose from the ones listed below:


BetMGM Ohio is one of the most popular and reputable sites for basketball betting in the market presently. This sportsbook has unparalleled service in terms of betting bonus offers, betting options and payment methods.

In addition, there are mobile applications for both Android and IOS platforms. However, one downside of this sportsbook includes occasional glitches in the website and apps.


This betting site was launched back in 2018. Since then, DraftKings has gained popularity and is presently considered one of the best basketball sportsbooks.

DraftKings Ohio is mostly known for its competitive odds, diverse betting markets, stability, fast user interface and numerous betting options. Besides this, it is also known for its exceptional mobile interface.


This is a well-known name in the gambling industry. It was derived from the famous ‘Caesars Palace’ situated in Las Vegas. The platform offers competitive odds, live-streaming options, a wide variety of payment methods, and more.

Caesars Sportsbook Ohio and its desktop site have a user-friendly interface with easy navigation. However, the basketball sportsbook has been a major disappointment in terms of mobile use since it only has a mobile app and no site.

Features of good basketball sportsbooks in Ohio


It would be best if you looked for many important factors in basketball sportsbooks in Ohio. Unfortunately, with the emergence of so many betting sites claiming to be the best, it has become more difficult to identify an authentic sportsbook.

However, you do not need to worry. We have listed the most essential features that you need to look for in betting sites in order to have a smooth and fun experience during basketball betting in Ohio.

Good user experience

You need to look into three things before choosing a betting site. This includes the site design, user interface and speed and mobile applications:

  • The website navigation should be easy with all the required information on basketball betting Ohio.
  • The interface should be clean and quick. This is especially important during live betting. If the website has glitches or crashes frequently, you need to avoid it.
  • Almost every good Basketball sportsbook has a mobile app for ease of use.

Reputable and trustworthy

With the emergence of countless basketball betting sites every passing day, the number of fraudulent sites has also increased. Some sites do not offer services or support like they claim, while others are outright scams.

Thus, it would be best if you chose Ohio’s licensed, reputable, trustworthy, and secure basketball sportsbooks. This includes DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Caesars sportsbook, PointsBet and many more.

Payment methods

After signing up, you need to deposit money before you can bet on basketball in Ohio. A good betting site should offer a plethora of payment options. This includes bank transfers, credit and debit cards, online wallets such as Venmo and Paypal, and so on. Make sure to check out the withdrawal time period as well.

Ohio basketball betting markets

Many new and smaller betting sites have a shortlist of betting markets. As a bettor, you would want your bookmaker to offer a wide variety of betting markets. Thus, it should cover every basketball game in Ohio.

Each betting market should have more than just the basic money line odds, over or under totals and point spread. It should have more categories such as player performance prop bets, adjustable lines, quarterly results and totals, team-based prop bets and so on.

Customer experience

Every good basketball betting website should offer quality customer support 24/7. It not only helps to assist new visitors and bettors but also contributes to the trustworthiness of the basketball sportsbook.

When you bet on basketball in Ohio, you might come across certain issues at some point in time. This can be regarding payment, betting options or something else. Thus, the betting site must have well-trained and effective customer support agents who resolve your issues at the earliest.

Offers to look out for in basketball sportsbooks Ohio


Deposit matching

A deposit match is when the betting site offers bet credits that are equivalent to your initial deposit amount. For example, many good basketball betting sites attract new users by offering matching offers on their first deposits. Thus, you can bet more with the extra money.

Basketball bet credits

This is a type of deposit matching. These bet credits are generally offered till a specific level ($500 for example), thus allowing you to place bets with the house money.

Insurance basketball bets 

This implies that the betting site will refund the money you have lost during gambling. However, the amount returned is only up to a certain level. It might depend on several factors depending on the betting site.

Ohio basketball odds


You must understand the basketball betting options before you start betting online. This will help you understand the game dynamics, which will help you with the picks.

  • Game total: This implies the total points secured by each team. You have to bet whether the respective basketball team will cross a predetermined score or not.
  • Money line: This is a simple betting option where you need to place a bet on the Basketball team that you think will win.
  • Parlay: A parlay bet combines multiple bets together. Thus, you need to win all the bets to win a Parlay bet. It is also known as an accumulator bet.
  • A point spread: This is one of the most popular basketball bets. The bookmaker predicts that the favorite team will achieve victory by several points or margins. This margin is called point spread.

Live odds for Basketball bets in Ohio

Many Ohio sports betting sites with basketball bets also offer live bets. This means you can wager on odds that keep on altering throughout the basketball game. Thus, your chances of winning further increase.

Basketball odds in Ohio and finding value

Sportsbook oddsmakers are good at their job. Most of the time, their determined odds are accurate and will make finding value difficult. However, this in no way implies that value does not exist.

You have to realize that bookmakers always present odds after manipulating them and adding a betting margin to ensure their profit. Thus, finding value is the key to successful long-term betting.

Generally, bookmakers spend less time setting the betting lines of smaller basketball games. Moreover, you might be able to find mistakes in some betting lines when there are a lot of basketball games going on. Therefore, you need to have a strategy to help you identify these lines and take advantage of them.

How to bet on basketball in Ohio 


Basketball is a simple game. However, you might be facing issues if you are a new bettor who is confused about where to start. You do not need to worry as we have come up with some effective strategies that you can use during online basketball betting in Ohio. To bet on basketball in Ohio, make sure to check out some pointers:

Three pointers and points in the paint

You need to pay attention to how a basketball team scores most of their points. A team that strictly adheres to 3 pointers is good. However, teams who score points from inside the key (Points in the Paint) have higher chances of winning.

It would help if you kept this in mind while you bet on basketball Ohio. This is especially important if you are making bracket bets in college basketball tournaments. As per statistics, a team that scores points from beyond the arc rarely wins. Thus, they are not reliable for the long run.

Take a look at the team schedule and location

Team schedule and game location play a significant role in determining the winning team. Unlike sports such as Football, Basketball teams have a different schedule. They often play multiple games throughout the week.

For instance, if a team is playing their fifth game in six days, it is obvious that they will be tired. This might affect their performance to a great extent. The game location is also an important factor that you need to consider.

For instance, a road or away game will significantly affect the team’s energy. You also need to see the point of the tournament or league as these effects generally start showing after the first quarter of the season. Thus, if the basketball game is in the latter half stage, we recommend you to bet considering their schedule and performance.

Favorite team is not always the answer

It is obvious that you would always opt for your favorite team during online basketball betting in Ohio. This might lead to a more fun and entertaining experience as a fan. However, you also need to think from the perspective of a sports bettor.

Choosing your favorite team over the probable winner will eventually lead to losing your money. Thus, we advise you to avoid betting on your favorite team unless the basketball odds in Ohio are in their favor.

Secondly, you need to be careful regarding your news or advice sources. The public usually tends to glamorize and glorify stories and underdogs. Thus, make sure not to let these affect your strategies during basketball betting in Ohio.

To avoid this, you need to make sure that you get news from trustworthy and authentic sources. Finally, make your picks independent of others’ opinions. After making your pick, you can listen to others’ opinions and alter your bet if necessary.

Check team motivation and lineups

Most bettors often ignore this. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the motivation of a team is a major deciding factor and should not be ignored while you bet on basketball in Ohio. The importance of the game is a motivating factor.

For instance, important leagues could raise a team’s spirit while meaningless local matches might not motivate the players as such. Besides this, the rivalry between two Basketball teams is also a significant motivator.

Line-up is another important factor you need to consider during basketball betting in Ohio. Make sure the players you are counting upon to help you win your bet are actually playing in the game. Besides this, the absence of a key player is also likely to disrupt the team’s performance.

FAQ Ohio basketball betting

Who oversees basketball betting in Ohio?

The Ohio Casino Control Commission oversees basketball betting in Ohio. The OCCC is a government agency that is in charge of all casinos and gambling sites in the state.

Is basketball betting legal in Ohio?

Yes, Basketball betting is legal in Ohio. Gov. Mike DeWine approved bill HB29 favoring online betting in the state in late December 2021.

Is there any age restriction for online basketball betting in Ohio?

Yes, there is an age restriction for basketball online betting in Ohio. You need to be twenty years or above to sign up for betting sites.

What should I consider before choosing a basketball sportsbook in Ohio?

It would be best if you considered a lot of factors before choosing a basketball sportsbook in Ohio. This includes their reputation, website interface, mobile apps, payment options, betting markets, and customer support.

Will taxes be charged on my winnings in basketball sportsbooks in Ohio?

Yes, winnings that you have earned through basketball online betting in Ohio is considered a liable income source. Thus, it is subject to taxation from Ohio and the United States. Basketball sportsbooks in Ohio charge four percent of your winnings for the tax.