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Ohio horse race betting

Giddyap Ohio! That’s the collective shout of fans when they engage in horse race betting in Ohio. As these horse racing enthusiasts encourage their choice bets to lead the pack, you can sense the excitement. They know that winning their chosen human and horse pair can bring them huge rewards and opportunities to gain more.

The horse race betting Ohio arena


You’ll need to be aware that Ohio’s favorable horse race odds need more than luck. You need the experience and some advice from experts and other fans who regularly bet on horses in Ohio race scenes. You can also read through the guide below to help you in increasing your probability of success when engaging in off-track betting Ohio space.

However, you also need to be aware that having favorable horse race odds in Ohio needs more than luck. You need the experience and some advice from experts and other fans who regularly bet on horses in Ohio race scenes.

You can also read through the guide below to help you in increasing your probability of success when engaging in off-track betting Ohio space.

The legal status of horse race betting in Ohio

Engaging in wagers in horse races is legal in Ohio. This is true for both online and offline horse race betting Ohio scenarios. Additionally, there are various facilities and digital media where you can bet on horses on Ohio racetracks. Given this, it is now more convenient to try your horse rave odds in Ohio.

Best Ohio horse race betting sites 2024

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Ohio off-track betting


When engaging in off-track betting Ohio events, you can place your bets in all seven racetracks and one off-track betting (OTB) facility. Video-lottery terminals (VLTs), which are comparable to slot machines, were authorized to be installed at racetracks after a law was approved in 2011.

As a result, fans may now watch live horse races and place their wagers in off-track betting Ohio racecourses.  The Ohio State Racing Commission regulates all horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering in Ohio.

The commission’s objective is to safeguard, maintain, and promote horse racing in the state. Meanwhile, the Ohio lottery oversees and licenses VLTs in the state. The track and the Ohio lottery divide the profits from the machines with more or less a 50/50 share.

Each racetrack is expected to give problem gambling programs a half-percentage point of their net VLT gain. The following are the racetracks where you can place a bet on horses race Ohio events:

  • JACK Thistledown Racino
  • Mahoning Valley Race Course
  • Miami Valley
  • MGM Northfield Park
  • Belterra Park
  • Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway
  • Cedar Downs OTB
  • Scioto Downs

The lowdown on Ohio horse race betting online


In Ohio, you may wager on horse races online. HB 29, Ohio’s sports betting law for 2021, also tackled the legality of horseracing. This effectively took the horseracing activity off from the gray zone.

The legal status of Ohio horse race betting online used to be uncertain. Although the State Racing Commission issued guidelines permitting telephone betting, some subsequent statements from the Attorney General were not enough to cement whether putting in a bet on horses race Ohio books is legal.

The approval of HB 29 gives Ohioans much-needed assurance when it comes to their horse race betting Ohio activities. Even if there are legal gray areas, a number of mainstream ADWs have ran their businesses in Ohio before. This new legislation has then relieved that their Ohio horse race betting online operations are now legal.

Strong state policies assure a secure experience at licensed horse race betting Ohio sportsbook. However, certain online racebooks and horse betting apps lead the pack when considering the number of tracks overseen, wagering user interface, handicapping system assistance, and value of rewards.

The most excellent horse betting companies have agreements in place with hundreds of racetracks, enabling internet gamblers to access each track’s live racing footage and parimutuel pools.

Where to engage in Ohio horse race betting online

The BetMGM Horse Racing app, which is owned by one of the country’s leading gaming organizations and sports betting providers, enables mobile horse racing betting in Ohio. The official Kentucky Derby wagering app can also place your bets in TwinSpires.

Another online site is the AmWager app, which offers faster ways to help you have favorable horse racing odds in Ohio racetracks. TVG also provides another online channel to bet on horses at Ohio racetracks with huge bonuses.

How to bet on horses in Ohio

Horse race Ohio sports betting sites use sign-up and deposit rewards to improve their marketing initiatives and gain more customers. When you join up for a betting account, you nearly always get a deposit reward or some other cash bonuses to tempt you.

To maximize your gains, you need to consult with experts and peers to know more about how horse racing betting bonuses and promotions in Ohio operate. This is important since no two incentives are alike. Furthermore, each has its own set of rules and restrictions that contributes to the overall worth.

Horse race betting Ohio operators also employ various marketing strategies. These strategies include freebies, use of celebrities and influencers, colorful advertisements, well-placed ads, relatable stories, interesting taglines, and other means.

This is to present their offerings to you in a better light. They also consult with various marketing industry experts and evaluate their data to generate audience insights that can help them gain bettors’ trust.

Horse race betting Ohio mechanics

To bet on horses race Ohio racetracks, you can read through the steps and recommendations below. This can help you increase your chances of having favorable racing odds in Ohio racecourses.

The following bets are available in-person and online through advance-deposit wagering sites and other horse race betting apps in Ohio. The best strategy to get started is to start with simple straight bets. Then, as you better understand how everything works, you may move on to more complicated bets.

How do I do it?

To give you an overview, horse betting is considered a type of “parimutuel wagering.” If you’re new to horse betting, you need to understand the finer details as it’s not the same as sports betting.

In parimutuel betting, all bets on a given horse racing event are gathered together. The racecourse then keeps a portion of the pool for its own earnings and running expenses. This is referred to as the “vig.” This strategy assures that the operator makes a profit no matter what happens.

The percentage of the pool that is taken out changes based on the race and the kind of wager made. You should see a vig ranging from 15% to 30% in most cases.


The remaining funds in the pool are intended for the winners’ payment after the vig is deducted. Right until the beginning of the race, the payouts vary in real-time. As additional bets are gathered, the payments available vary to reflect the latest betting activity.

This is the reason why the top-choice horses pay out less. As more individuals place their wagers on the most popular horses, the pool allotted to that horse must be distributed across a larger number of people if the most popular choice wins. When a longshot horse got in the finish line first, there are fewer bettors, hence, each bettor takes home more cash.

Horse racing odds in Ohio


Ohio horse betting Types

A single race might have a variety of different bets put on it. The basic guideline is that the harder a wager is to win, the larger the payout. A direct bet on a lone horse to win, for instance, gives a more generous payout. However, if you placed a bet on the precise sequence in which the top three horses finish, you will receive a bigger payout.

Common horse racing bets and wagers:

  • Straight-up wagers
  • Boxing and wheeling
  • Across the board
  • Keying horses
  • Exotic bets

Ohio Pari-mutuel Betting

For horse racing, parimutuel betting is the favored betting format.

The difference between pari-mutuel and other betting systems is that all wagers are pooled together, the house gets its share, and then payments are split among the winners. Because of this, the bettors, not the bookmaker, choose the odds for every bet.

Ohio Online horse betting fundamentals


For both offline and online betting, the concept is essentially the same. The only distinction is that you place your bets onscreen using your mouse and computer instead of speaking with a racecourse cashier. The following are the typical steps when engaging in Ohio horse betting online:

The first step is to create an account with a legitimate horse racing website to bet on horse races online. Next, complete a new account form on the horse racing wagering site that you selected and hit the “register or join now” button.

Once you are registered, it is now time to put money into your account. Once you’ve logged into your betting site account, click the “deposit” option in the account section to begin the deposit process. Pop-ups may prompt you to fund your account with a deposit if you were not able to do this before.

After funding your account, you can choose from a variety of deposit options such as the following:

  • Transfer through a wire
  • A debit card and a credit card
  • Money order or check
  • The Green Dot Moneypak from E-Check

Ohio betting on harness racing

Harness racing is a modern-day version of chariot racing, in which a single horse pulls a rider in a two-wheeled cart.

Harness racing betting isn’t as popular as thoroughbred racing betting, but it’s nevertheless a highly competitive sport with significant rewards and its own Triple Crown events for trotters and pacers.

Harness racing is covered in great detail on major horse racing betting services, providing free race previews and picks, in-depth podcasts, and other instructional information. The top harness racing betting apps are usually regarded as TwinSpires and BetAmerica.

How do you differentiate the morning line and the actual odds in Ohio?

Morning line odds, or ML, represent the first odds to be set for any given race. To arrive at the morning line, a track oddsmaker considers the horses scheduled to race and his or her estimate of public betting activity. Then, after all the bets have been placed, the real odds are what you will actually be paid.

It’s critical to remember two things about morning line odds. To begin with, the morning line does not always reflect the oddsmaker’s true feelings. Oddsmakers are in business to make predictions about the public’s wagering habits. Second, the ML can only be used as a guideline.

The odds will adjust to mirror the betting activity as bets begin to come in. At every particular time, public activity determines what the odds are.

Make sure to keep in mind that dog and horse racing is a pari-mutuel sport. A person’s ability to win money is tied to how much they stake on each horse. People who backed the winning horse share the pool when it is proclaimed the winner.

Parimutuel betting has the advantage of avoiding direct competition with an expert oddsmaker. In addition, because it makes money regardless of the outcome, the bookmaker doesn’t care who wins a race. The negative is that you don’t know the final odds until the race has begun.

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FAQ Ohio off-track betting

How old do you have to be to bet on horses race Ohio sites?

You need to be 21 years old and above before you can place your bets on Ohio horse betting online sites.

How does virtual horse racing betting work in Ohio?

It is possible to gamble on the results of simulated horse races in the form of virtual horse racing betting. Traditional parimutuel wagering is replicated, but virtual races are held every few minutes, allowing for round-the-clock action in Ohio.

Is there a tax on payouts from horse racing in Ohio?

Yes. All horse racing payouts must be reported to the IRS as taxable income. The IRS’s latest horse racing tax laws in 2017 made it easier for bettors to deduct wagering costs from their profits. However, federal restrictions do not allow this deduction. You should seek advice from a licensed tax practitioner in all tax-related situations.

Exactly to what do you refer when you use the term “ADW?”

Before making bets, gamblers are required to deposit money into their betting accounts. ADW stands for “advance-deposit wagering.” Instead of allowing customers to gamble on credit at month-end, ADW compels customers to fund their bets when they are placed.
The ADW format is used by all horse racing betting websites and most phone wagering companies. Unfortunately, even though you may use your credit card to pay at a wagering site, they will not lend you money.