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Barstool Sportsbook Ohio promo code 2024

If you are a fan of the Barstool sports media company, you’re going to love the chance to jump on board the Barstool Sportsbook Ohio platform. Led by Dave Portnoy (founder of Barstool) in collaboration with Penn National Gaming, this sportsbook has already become one of the hottest bookies in the country. Get to know the Barstool Sportsbook Ohio promo code 2024.

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Barstool Sportsbook Ohio promo code offer 2024

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Barstool Sportsbook Ohio review


In the rest of this detailed Barstool Sportsbook review, we are going to cover everything from the bonuses and promos offers from this sportsbook to things like:

  • The mobile experience and the Barstool Sportsbook app
  • The kinds of betting markets sports bettors will have access to hear
  • The kinds of wagers and odds available from Barstool
  • The banking options players can pick and choose from

By the time you finish with this review, you’ll have a good idea of whether or not you want to join Portnoy and these sports media pirates on what is quickly becoming the most popular sportsbook in the country today. So let’s get right into it.

Barstool Sportsbook Ohio promo code


If there’s one thing that Barstool is known for, it’s taking care of its passionate fans and its dedicated following. Barstool is super loyal to the people that have helped them become the most popular sports media company under the sun.

That’s a big part of why there are so many great bonuses, promos, and special offers available from this Ohio sportsbook option right now. Let’s break down a couple of the top options that you’ll have to pick and choose from.

📣 Barstool Ohio promo code offerTBA
🔖 Barstool Sportsbook OH promo code forNew bettors
🎁 Sign-up bonus$250 deposit bonus
🎁 Weekly bonusesYes

Welcome bonus at Barstool Sportsbook

The very first Barstool Sportsbook bonus you’ll have access to is the “welcome bonus” or the Barstool sign-up bonus.

This is a pretty standard bet credit kind of offer, giving you the chance to bet with zero risk whatsoever (provided that your wager falls in the specific parameters of this promo). So it’s not all that earth-shattering – at least not on the surface.

What is pretty wild about this Ohio sign-up bonus, though, is that it is good for up to $1000 in insurance “wager protection”. Yes, you are reading that right. Your first bet on the Barstool Sportsbook Ohio platform is going to be guaranteed 100% all the way up to $1000.

This lets you take bigger risks on your first wager, knowing that your money isn’t really on the line. If you win, you can win huge – and if you lose, your money is coming right back to you anyway. Not a bad little bonus, right?

Check out our list of the best Ohio sports betting promo offers.

Special offers from Barstool Sportsbook OH

There are other really cool Barstool Sportsbook bonuses and promo offers available, too.

Seasonal offers (closely linked to the current sports seasons – baseball in the spring, football and basketball in the fall, hockey in the winter, etc.) are pretty commonplace. Weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, and playoff promotions usually are advertised prominently on the Barstool homepage, too.

Then you have the partnership promotions to pick and choose from. Barstool partners with all different kinds of sports companies, sporting events, and even individual athletes and teams. There’s a huge promotion going on between Barstool and NASCAR, giving players an opportunity to cash in big on these kinds of wagers.

Finally, there’s a lot of merch and swag giveaways and promotions connected to Barstool specifically. These are exclusive offers that are (obviously) not going to be made available anywhere outside of the Barstool sportsbook Ohio platform.

Barstool Sportsbook Ohio mobile app


On the mobile betting side of things, Barstool really has smashed it out of the park. The Barstool betting app has been designed from the ground up to be incredibly useful, very well-organized, and about as well optimized as an online gambling app can be.

It’s obvious that Dave and the betting team have had a lot of impact on the final product. There are things here (like the detailed odds and payout breakdowns) that you’re just not going to find anywhere else – in large part because people that actually like to gamble on sports built the app from the ground up.

Everything has the traditional red, white and blue Barstool branding, with a clean navigation structure and digital betting slip that even newbies will get the hang of right away. This app is available 100% free of charge on both the iOS and Android app stores right now, too.

There are many different Ohio sports betting apps to choose from, so check out our list and find your favorite ones!

Barstool Sportsbook OH features and benefits


As far as the standout features and benefits of the Barstool Ohio platform go, the biggest one has to be the tight integration between this actual app and the folks at Barstool themselves. Like we mentioned a moment ago in this Barstool review, people go crazy over this company.

The “Stoolies” are passionate and dedicated to the brand, love everything that Portnoy does, and the Barstool team is super responsive, too.

You’re just not going to find a lot of other sportsbooks out there that offer this kind of 1:1 interaction with some of the brand’s biggest celebrity names. It’s not hard to find Portnoy or Big Cat offering different pics, making different recommendations, or talking about this app, though.

That’s something that no competitor can touch. Secondly, the betting odds available from the Barstool Sportsbook Ohio platform are super competitive.

We are talking about the same kinds of lines that you would be able to find in Las Vegas from some of the biggest sportsbooks under the sun. This is a huge competitive advantage for Barstool, as it gives players a fair shake and also offers lots of opportunities for serious bettors to make some decent dough.

All in all, there’s a lot to like when it comes to the Barstool sportsbook.

Betting markets at Barstool sportsbook Ohio


If there’s one area that Barstool Ohio is playing a little bit of catch-up in, it has to be in the betting markets arena. All of the major sports are covered here (basketball, baseball, football, hockey, etc.), but you don’t have access to a lot of the more “niche” markets just yet.

Here’s a quick rundown of the kinds of betting markets you’ll be likely to find when you fire up the Barstool betting app right now:

  • NFL and college football
  • NBA and college basketball (men’s as well as women’s)
  • MLB baseball
  • NHL hockey
  • Soccer (US, European, and international matches and tournaments)
  • UFC and boxing
  • NASCAR and Formula One racing
  • Golf
  • Tennis

We can say for sure that Barstool Sportsbook Ohio continues to add new betting markets all the time. The odds are pretty good that as this platform matures, it’s going to add more markets over time. Don’t be surprised if, in the near future, all of the betting markets available under the sun for sportsbooks are available here.

Other providers in the state with great range of sports:

Betting options from Barstool Sportsbook OH


Now let’s run through the different betting options that players will have available here.

The main betting options – the moneyline wager, the point spread wager, and the over/under wager – are all available pretty much across the board. You’d be hard-pressed to find any kind of game, match, or tournament that didn’t showcase these kinds of bets.

Where Barstool separates itself from the rest of the pack a little bit is in the way that they roll out their parlays. Sure, you could do “regular” parlays on the Barstool sportsbook Ohio like you would anywhere else.

But why do that when you can do “Quick Pick Six Parlays” that are completely unique to this sportsbook?

These kinds of parlays let you pick six different lines across six different sports and even multiple days. Of course, the odds are a little bit longer because of the rules for these specific types of parlays, but the payouts are a lot bigger, too.

If you’re not shy about risking a little bit of cash to potentially pull down a life-changing windfall, these are the kinds of parlays you’ll want to get into.

Of course, the Barstool Sportsbook Ohio platform also has a lot of prop bets, a lot of teasers (popular with NFL and NBA bettors), and live betting action as well.

If you’re looking to do some betting on the hometown Cleveland Browns or Cincinnati Bengals, or have a feeling that this is the year that the Columbus Blue Jackets breakthrough and win a Stanley Cup, cementing those wagers here is effortless.

But you’re not just limited to betting on the home team on this sportsbook. You can bet games across the country (and across the world), too.

Barstool Sportsbook Ohio banking options


All of the best sportsbooks in the industry have a couple of different banking options for their players to pick and choose from. Barstool is no different.

The idea here is to make it as easy as possible to get your money into and out of these sports betting accounts. All without sacrificing safety or security, of course. Here are the top banking options available through the Barstool app.


Deposits can be made through the following banking choices:

  • All major debit and credit card options
  • Online bank transfers, including ACH and electronic check transfers
  • PayPal and PayNearMe services
  • Wire transfers

You can also deposit money instantly into your account using the Barstool Play+ service.


Withdrawing your money from the Ohio sports betting site is really easy, too. You can do an online bank transfer (though it may take two or three days for it to complete), but you can also use PayPal to get your money out of your account.

The fastest way to get your hands on your winnings, though, is to use the Barstool Play+ prepaid card and account. Make sure to sign up for that ASAP. It’s not a bad idea to sign up for the affiliated Play+ account right after you create your Barstool account even.

Customer service


Customer support is the lifeblood of the Barstool sportsbook Ohio bookie. As soon as you open the betting app, you’ll be given an opportunity to “request a call back”, jump on “live chat”, or email customer service with your question, comment, or concern.

You get the same options available to you when you pop over to the Barstool Sportsbook Ohio website, too. Response times from customer service are a lot faster than you might expect.

We are talking about phone call and live chat support almost instantly and email support that comes through in 12 hours or less most of the time. You’re not going to be left waiting around stewing and frustration, headache, and hassle with this bookie. They are going to take good care of you.

Barstool Sportsbook Ohio FAQ

Who owns the Barstool Sportsbook in Ohio?

Dave Portnoy (founder of Barstool Sports) struck a deal with Penn National Gaming to come up with the Barstool Sportsbook. So those two are the ones calling all the shots.

Is the Barstool Sportsbook Ohio platform licensed for operation in this state?

Absolutely! This sportsbook is 100% licensed for the legal operation of online gambling in the state of Ohio today.

Do the Barstool personalities like El Pres actually use the Barstool Sportsbook?

Portnoy, Big Cat, and Hannah the Weather Girl show all the bets that they run on the Barstool betting app across social media.
You never know exactly when you’re going to bump into one of them on the platform or when a pick or recommendation that they’ve given you turns out to be the secret to a sky-high payday.

Can I hook my bank account up to the Barstool Sportsbook banking setup?

You will definitely be able to hook your bank account up to the Barstool Sportsbook Ohio platform to deposit and withdraw money into and out of.
This whole process takes only a few minutes to get set up, a little while more to verify everything, but then it’s all smooth sailing.

How fast will I get my winnings deposited?

Winnings will be deposited into your bank account (or payment services of choice) inside of a few hours after the withdrawal request has been initiated and about 48 hours. If it’s been longer than that and your money still hasn’t arrived, be sure to reach out to customer support right away.

Does Barstool Sportsbook Ohio offer a promo code?

Yes, they do offer a promo code! You can find it on our list!

How many times can I use a promo code?

If it’s not a special promo code, you can only use it once.

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